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Archive for April, 2014

Planning your breast augmentation around a major life event

Published on April 29, 2014

Every woman deserves to look and feel her best, and we feel that need most acutely when we have a big event coming up — whether it be a wedding, major vacation, or some other major life event. If you’ve

Your breasts, your choices — selecting the ideal size for your breast augmentation

Published on April 24, 2014

Is bigger always better? Maybe, maybe not — but when it comes to selecting the best size for your breast augmentation, only you can determine which size is ideal. There was a time when larger was considered better when considering

Breast augmentation safety [infographic]

Published on April 22, 2014

Previously we discussed common questions and concerns about breast augmentation, as well as tips for preparing for and recovering from breast augmentation surgery. Before having any type of surgery, including breast augmentation, it’s a good idea to learn as much

Demand for upper arm lifts is growing, but is the procedure right for you?

Published on April 17, 2014

Did you know that upper arm lifts (brachioplasty) are one of the most popular cosmetic procedures? This wasn’t always the case, but since 2000, the procedure has seen a surge in popularity with an increase of more than 4,000%! Just

Preparing for breast augmentation surgery — Recovery must-haves, Part 2 of 2

Published on April 15, 2014

Previously, we presented our first three must-haves in preparing for recovery following your breast augmentation: enlisting help, gathering pillows, and preparing a recovery kit. Today, we have three more must-haves to round out your recovery plan. Comfortable clothes and footwear

Preparing for breast augmentation surgery — Recovery must-haves, Part 1 of 2

Published on April 10, 2014

Let’s be honest, after breast augmentation surgery, you will be sore. You may be uncomfortable, and you will need to take it easy for a while. Previously we gave you some tips to help ease discomfort and soreness after surgery,

Cosmetic surgery isn’t just for women

Published on April 8, 2014

The spare tire, double chin, forehead wrinkles — these are common complaints among men, but what men may not realize is that they can do something about such problems. Until the early part of this century, cosmetic surgery was often

April newsletter – Treat your skin to a springtime rejuvenation treatment!

Published on April 3, 2014

(816) 286-4126 As temperatures begin to climb, you may be enjoying the warmer weather of spring, but it’s likely your skin is still experiencing the winter blues. Nothing is worse for skin than a long, cold winter — cold, dry

Are selfies prompting a surge in cosmetic surgery popularity?

Published on April 3, 2014

Are you on the selfies bandwagon? Do you spend time primping in the mirror then taking a photo of yourself and uploading it to Facebook or Instagram? Or perhaps you can’t help but take a picture of you and your

How to select a cosmetic surgeon

Published on April 1, 2014

You deserve the best, so why not expect the best, especially when it comes to your cosmetic surgeon? Cosmetic surgery is an investment in yourself. With that in mind, your cosmetic surgeon should also be invested in their own professional