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Radiesse Kansas City

Radiesse® is a dermal filler that reduces wrinkles and other signs of aging by providing volume and lift to facial tissues that have lost volume as a result of aging. In addition to replenishing lost volume, Radiesse stimulates the production of collagen, a naturally occurring substance in your body that provides fullness and support.

Who can benefit from Radiesse?

If you are concerned about the appearance of facial wrinkles and loss of skin elasticity, Radiesse may be right for you. Radiesse acts as a support structure underneath your skin. Radiesse is an ideal option to reduce that sunken appearance that sometimes occurs as we age.

Radiesse can:

  • Reduce wrinkles and lines
  • Reduce the appearance of nasolabial folds
  • Restore tissue volume

If you have an active skin infection or a previous allergy to any of the ingredients in Radiesse, you may not be an ideal candidate for treatment. The best way to determine if you’re a good candidate for Radiesse is to schedule a consultation with a physician.

What to expect during your Radiesse injection

Radiesse can provide you with a younger, fresher appearance. Radiesse promotes volume and offers immediate and long-lasting results.

Because it is FDA-approved to mix with lidocaine, we can administer lidocaine to reduce Radiesse injection discomfort. Your doctor will select one or more injection sites for each location to be treated. Topical antiseptic can also be applied.

Your doctor will determine the correct amount of Radiesse to meet your needs. The filler is then injected beneath your skin. Depending on the extent of the treatment, the procedure can take up to 15 minutes.

After your treatment

You may return to your normal activities after your Radiesse procedure. However, you should stay out of the sun. Minimal swelling usually subsides within 24-36 hours. There may be some discomfort and bruising that can be managed with medications.

Like other fillers, Radiesse is a temporary solution to the natural aging process. The results of your Radiesse procedure should be evident for two years or longer, but treatments must be repeated over the years to maintain the benefits.

Understanding the risks of Radiesse

Your doctor will discuss all risks associated with Radiesse prior to your procedure. Some possible side effects include the appearance of nodules under the skin. Any unmanageable pain or unusual symptoms should be reported to your doctor immediately.

If you’re ready to take the next step

If you’re interested in learning more about Radiesse, contact our office to schedule a consultation. At your initial consultation, we will address your questions and concerns, and provide you with important details regarding Radiesse treatment.