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Latisse Kansas City

Latisse® is the only medication that can help you grow lashes that are longer, darker and fuller.

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Who can benefit from using Latisse?

You can apply Latisse in the comfort of your own home to treat thin or inadequate lash growth. In clinical trials, 78% of patients who used Latisse as directed experienced a significant improvement in the prominence of their eyelashes.

How Latisse works

Latisse works by prolonging the growth phase of your eyelashes, making them grow longer and fuller than normal. This is a prescription treatment, so don’t expect to find it at your local cosmetics counter. Latisse is not right for everyone; people with certain eye conditions are not good candidates.

Using Latisse is easy. At night before you go to sleep, you cleanse your face and eyelids. Using the provided Latisse applicator, brush a drop of the Latisse solution across the base of your upper lashes. To get results with Latisse, use as directed. Latisse results become apparent after 8 to 12 weeks. After 16 weeks of using Latisse as directed, you should see the full results.

Learn more about Latisse

If you’re interested in Latisse, contact our office to schedule a consultation. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions, see photos and receive instructions on using Latisse, the revolutionary lash-enhancement medication.