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A Facial Fat Transfer Strategically Restores Facial Volume

May 18, 2018, 10:11 pm

An obvious sign of aging is loss of volume in the face. This comes about as a result of the loss of tissue in the underlying facial fat layer. The appearance of areas like the eyes, cheeks, and lips can be negatively affected by this process.

Fatty tissue from other areas of the body can be used to restore lost facial fat. A facial fat transfer can make your face look naturally fuller and younger.

The Goal of a Facial Fat Transfer

The primary aim of this treatment is to restore a youthful look to the face. The uniqueness of this procedure lies in the fact that it uses autologous tissue – material from the patient’s own body – to rejuvenate the face. Hollow areas and wrinkles can be addressed with this technique.

Which Areas of the Face Can Be Treated Using Fat Transfer?

A fat transfer can be used to address aging signs in a number of problem areas:

Cheekbones – Tissue loss in the cheeks creates a look of facial gauntness. A facial fat transfer can restore the contours and fullness of the cheeks.

Nasolabial folds – If you have developed harsh nasolabial folds – deep lines running diagonally from the corners of your nose to the corners of your mouth – a fat transfer is an excellent way to fill them. Many other facial wrinkles can also be filled in this way.

Temporal area – The temples lose volume with age and develop hollowness. Restore their appearance with a fat transfer.

Bags under the eyes – Loss of volume below the eyes is a sure sign of aging. The dark circles and hollowness around the eyes not only gives you an aged appearance but also make you look tired. A facial fat transfer adds volume to easily correct the appearance of these areas.

Lips – Sagging lips that have lost definition and volume are an unfortunate part of getting older. Perioral age lines can also appear around the lips. With the help of fat transfer, wrinkles can be smoothed away, and the lips can regain their fullness and attractive appearance.

Benefits of a Facial Fat Transfer

A fat transfer offers several advantages:

• The area from which the fat cells are taken looks slimmer.
• The fat cells have greater longevity than a dermal-filler product, and the treatment is permanent.
• Fatty tissue can have stem cells that stimulate further growth.
• The facial fat-transfer process is quite fast and does not require a long recovery period.

The Procedure

During facial fat grafting, excess fatty tissue is first harvested from one or more areas of your body. The tissue may be extracted from regions like the buttocks, abdomen, or thighs.

Harvesting excess fatty tissue requires the creation of tiny incisions. A cannula (a tube with a sharp end) or syringe is used to gently remove the excess fat through these incisions. Once the fat is removed, it is purified. Unnecessary fluids are filtered out, along with damaged and dead cells.

The purified fat cells are then injected into your face in key areas to give it more volume. Even distribution is vital for a natural look.

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