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Breast augmentation – finding the right bra after breast augmentation

February 17, 2014, 6:48 am

You’ve put time into planning your breast augmentation surgery. You made sure to understand all of your choices and options. You sailed through the procedure, and now you are in your recovery period. You are looking forward to all of the fun new wardrobe options available to go with your new, gorgeous look. Let’s take a look at one of the most important layers of that new wardrobe: your bra.

When planning your augmentation surgery, you chose a size and shape to suite your body. The right bra will help protect that investment.

After surgery, your old bra will no longer fit, but simply buying the same bra in a larger size isn’t enough. Not only will your size have changed, but your shape and profile will also have changed. Just like looking for the perfect jeans, finding a new bra can be a joy or a chore, but with these tips we hope you will have fun with this step in your breast augmentation journey.

Immediately after surgery

Immediately after surgery, your breasts will need extra support and compression. Wear your compression bandages or post-surgical bra as directed by Dr. Hlavacek. This will improve your body’s ability to heal and will provide you with more comfort during recovery than a regular bra. You should expect to wear these garments for at least a few weeks.

The first two to three months after your bandages come off

Depending on your body’s response during the recovery period, you may be advised to wear a bra offering extra support and compression such as a sports bra. However, if Dr. Hlavacek gives you the okay to start wearing a regular bra, choose one without an underwire. It is important to avoid underwire bras for at least two to three months after surgery. An underwire can press against incisions and cause unwanted abnormalities in the scar tissue as you heal. The underwire will also cause added pressure against your still-healing tender skin and muscles, leading to unnecessary discomfort.

Choosing the best bra for you

Once Dr. Hlavacek gives you permission to wear the bra of your choice, how do you select a bra for your new shape and size? First and foremost, take your time. Talk to other women who have undergone augmentation surgery and ask what bra brands and styles they prefer. Look at your options online and read reviews from others, making a list of features, styles, and brands that appeal to you.

When you are ready to start shopping, bring along your best girlfriend and make an afternoon of bra shopping. Ideally, visit a shop that offers bra fitting services. Although you will have an idea of your bra size based on the choices you made before surgery, not all bra brands and styles follow the same sizing guidelines. The fitting specialist will not only be able to offer fitting services, but she will also be able to offer suggestions on the ideal bras for your size and shape.

Look for bras that are made especially for curvy women or women with implants. Look for bras with rounder, deeper cups and a more forward shape than traditional bras. These features will help support your new breasts as well as enhance their appearance.

Take time to try on several bras, and look at your body from as many angles as you can. Try on different top and bra combinations as well. This is where the fun of having a girlfriend along comes in! Your friend will be able to offer a second set of eyes, helping you to narrow the best look for you.

If you have questions or concerns about post-augmentation bra shopping, or if you are at the beginning of your journey and would like to schedule a breast augmentation consultation with Dr. Hlavacek and Kansas City Surgical Arts, call us today at 816-286-4126.