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Breast Implants Add Volume and Projection

March 28, 2017, 9:16 pm

There are many factors that can improve a person’s confidence by letting him or her stand apart. In most cases, good looks and body structure play an important part. In women, the size and shape of breasts can help build self-confidence and a sense of pride. Some women who have smaller breasts now have the option of enlarging and augmenting them.

Breast augmentation can be performed in a variety of different ways, and the addition of breast implants has become the most popular of these methods. Breast implants are added to create extra breast volume and projection.

Breast augmentation surgeries have a low incidence of side effects, and over the years, the technique has improved vastly from its previous versions.

Breast Implant Options

Patients who come in for breast augmentation with implants are able to customize their implants in order to best attain the results they desire. Both the look and the feel of the breasts can be customized.

Some implants are filled with silicone gel, while others are filled with saline. This affects the weight, feel, and look of the breasts, along with various aspects of the procedure.

The volume of the breast implant is determined according to the aesthetic goals of the patient. The volume of saline implants can be controlled during the procedure but has an upper limit. Silicone implants come in a fixed volume and thus cannot be changed during the procedure.

Breast implants can be round or anatomical, and round implants are the most common. This implant is placed at the base of the breast and uplifts the layer of muscles on top of it.

One way to increase projection is by reducing the base of the implant. By reducing the base, the implant pushes upward and makes the breast look more “uplifted.” Think of it as a glass half filled with water, and its base keeps decreasing and the water level keeps rising. These types of implants are also known as high-profile implants, since they give the breasts a higher profile.

Which Implant Is Best for You?

Both high-profile breast implants and round-base implants are equally effective, and the choice depends on the individual. A woman might feel that her chest needs an overall improvement to match her waist and should therefore go for the round-base implants. Others who feel they need a deeper cleavage should go for high-profile implants.

The size and shape of breasts is a matter of personal opinion, and for some, it is a way of standing out from the crowd. However, it should be kept in mind that breast implants are surgeries for the long term and should be chosen carefully.

Get In Touch for a Consultation

The best way to decide on the right implant specifications for you is by meeting with a skilled surgeon during a consultation. Dr. Matt Hlavacek, an experienced and well-respected surgeon, will be happy to discuss your breast implant options with you. Dr. Hlavacek will answer and questions you may have and can help you choose the ideal implants for your procedure. Contact us for a consultation.