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Coming In for a Breast Reduction to Get Lighter Breasts?

June 8, 2018, 8:51 pm

Not everybody is lucky enough to have a body they’re happy with. Thankfully, when it comes to our appearance, we are not bound by our genetic makeup. Technological advances in cosmetic surgery have come a long way, and the body of our dreams can now be achieved.

The size of a woman’s breasts affects the look of her overall figure. The procedure of breast reduction is commonly performed to reduce the size and weight of the breasts.

Issues That Can Be Addressed

Apart from offering an aesthetically pleasing look, breast-reduction surgery addresses a number of physical issues. Many women are physically uncomfortable because of the large size of their breasts.

Women with large breasts suffer from issues like:
•Persistent pain in the neck, back, and shoulders
•A constant sensation of heaviness in the chest region
•Deep rashes along the shoulders
•Skin irritation under the breasts
•Spinal cord stress leading to posture issues
•Restriction from participating in certain physical activities

Breast-Reduction Surgery: The Procedure

The procedure of breast-reduction surgery begins with administration of anesthesia to make the patient comfortable. After this is achieved, incisions are made. The placement and pattern of these incisions varies depending on the amount of tissue to be removed. Some patients require an anchor incision, others a lollipop incision, and others still a donut incision.

Once the incisions have been created, excess fat, skin, and glandular breast tissue are removed. The nipple-areolar complex will likely be repositioned and resized to fit the new proportions of the breast.

Benefits of Breast Reduction

Breast reduction is the safest and most effective option to give patients smaller and lighter breasts. The procedure offers many benefits:

• Say goodbye to neck, back, and shoulder pain: Women who’ve suffered from neck, back, and shoulder pain feel immediate relief following the surgery. After a breast reduction, patients say that the new feeling of chest lightness is liberating.

• You get to choose the size you want: The amount of tissue removed from your breasts will be based on your personal goals. Dr. Hlavacek will help you with achieving the size and look you desire.

• Breast reduction doubles as a breast lift: When the breasts are reduced in size, they will also be reshaped and made perkier. Repositioning of the nipple-areolar complex provides a natural uplift and increases symmetry.

Recovery from Breast-Reduction Surgery

Recovering from a cosmetic surgery can feel difficult, so having a positive outlook makes the process bearable. It will be important that you follow Dr. Hlavacek’s post-surgical care instructions as closely as possible.

In the initial weeks after surgery, a degree of temporary pain and soreness will be present; the discomfort is similar to the “period breast” sensation but a bit more intense. Painkillers will be prescribed as needed to ensure a more comfortable recovery process.

Physical function will be restricted in the first few weeks or until Dr. Hlavacek gives the go-ahead. After a time, the post-operative swelling and soreness will subside, and you’ll be able to return to work and your normal schedule – without the physical issues caused by oversized breasts.

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