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Exercise, breast augmentation, and sports bras

August 19, 2014, 12:51 am

sports-bra-after-augmentationFew things are as uncomfortable as the flop and jiggle of unsupported breasts during exercise, except maybe the wrong sports bra. After breast augmentation, your sports bra needs will change. Instead of wearing just any old sports bra that fits, you will want to protect your investment with high-quality, well-designed sports bras that offer both comfort and support. Once you are released back to your regular exercise routine, you will have several features to consider in searching out the best sports bra for the new you.

Support, not compression

The first thing to understand about sports bras is that they fall into two broad categories: support and compression. Compression may give the feeling of support by pressing the breasts tightly together and into the chest so that they can’t move; however, compression sports bras don’t actually offer much in the way of real support. In essence, compression sports bras, the type that are elastic, stretchy fabric pulled over the head and pulled down over the chest, immobilize the breasts but in a rather uncomfortable manner. Immobilization is not support.

When it comes to augmented breasts, it is important to invest in a supportive sports bra rather than compression, as you will want to protect your investment. A supportive sports bra will allow the breasts to retain their natural shape while cupping them snugly in place. Not only will the implants be protected from the ill effects of compression which may squeeze implants unnecessarily, but a supportive sports bra will also take the burden off of the connective tissues such as ligaments and tendons that help keep the breasts in position.

When looking for a sports bra to support your new girls, look for four features in particular: encapsulation, adjustable shoulder straps, a wide band, and closures. Together these features can create a comfortable, supportive sports bra that will protect your investment throughout your workouts.

Clasps and closures

The ideal sports bras for augmented breasts will have front or back closures or clasps just like your everyday bras. These will allow you to adjust the bra to your comfort and support. Look for styles that have at least three rows of closures and that you can get on and off easily without pulling the bra over your head.

Wide band across the back

Although a wide band all the around the torso is ideal, be sure that the band across the back is particularly wide and lays flat across the back without digging in or gaping. As much as 70 percent of a bra’s support, including a sports bra, comes from the band across the back.

Adjustable shoulder straps

Adjustable shoulder straps, combined with front or back closures, will allow additional customization to create the fit and level of support needed for your particular breasts and activity. Select straps that are set widely apart and lay flat over the shoulders, also without digging in, pinching, or causing pain over the shoulders. Some styles may also have a bit of padding in the straps to add to comfort.


Although the other features are important, perhaps the most important for a post-breast augmentation sports bra is encapsulation. Encapsulation sports bras have molded cups that cradle and support each breast individually without squeezing or compressing them. For augmented breasts, encapsulation sports bras with cups that are more forward facing are ideal, as augmented breasts tend to have a more forward position. The cup should hug your breasts firmly but comfortably so they don’t move about too much during exercise.

Trying on sports bras

When selecting sports bras to try on, skip those styles that come in small, medium, and large size schemes. Instead, seek out styles that follow the same size conventions as your regular bra with a number for the band and a letter for the cup size. Keep in mind, however, that your sports bra size and everyday bra size may not be exactly the same. When selecting bras to try on, start with your regular bra size, one size up, and one size down and go from there. Try on as many as you need in order to find a snug but comfortable sports bra that supports your new breasts without squeezing or pinching.

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