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Four post-breast augmentation wardrobe shopping tips

June 5, 2014, 3:51 am

shopping after breast augmentationOne of the most thrilling aspects of your breast augmentation journey should be shopping for your new post-augmentation wardrobe. You will finally be able to wear styles you’ve only dreamed of or maybe haven’t had the courage to try on. Now you can fill out your clothing with confidence! However, shopping for your first set of new clothes after breast augmentation surgery can feel like a challenge. How do you shop for your new bust line? What will look good? What sizes will you need? Where do you start? Read on for our top five tips for shopping for your new post-breast augmentation wardrobe.

All new bras

Your old bras won’t fit after breast augmentation. You’ll even have to say goodbye to your favorite bra. But, parting doesn’t have to be sweet sorrow! Instead, once you are released from your post-surgical bandages and allowed to wear a regular bra again, you’ll be on the lookout for comfort, support, and beauty. Give yourself the gift of a professional bra fitting, if you can, and use the guidance from your fitting to help you select the best bras possible for your new breast size and shape.

If you aren’t able to have a professional bra fitting, look for bras with cups that are more forward facing or bras that are specially designed for larger or augmented breasts. Take time to try on several styles and be sure that you feel comfortable and supported by whatever bras you select. A word of caution about underwire bras — an underwire will press firmly against the chest wall if the bra fits properly. Be sure to get clearance from Dr. Hlavacek before wearing an underwire bra after breast augmentation. Wearing an underwire too soon may lead not only to discomfort but some adverse scarring as well as other complications related to the extra pressure of the underwire.

Check out low-cut tops and curve-hugging styles

Grab your best girlfriend and spend an afternoon trying on all of the styles you’ve only dreamed of wearing. Grab that wrap dress with the low neck line and that sweater that hugs every curve. Have fun with scoop neck or v-neck t-shirts. In the fitting room, step out and use the three-way mirror that no one ever seems to make use of. Take time to look at yourself from different angles and have your friend take some pictures of you in different styles so you can see yourself from a different perspective. Really make an afternoon of it and enjoy the experience of shopping for the new you.


Once you’ve built your new wardrobe with smashing tops and dazzling dresses, add some accessories to the mix. Consider long or layered necklaces that drape against the chest, or something chunky and bold that brings attention to your neckline, which will be enhanced by your new bust. If you wear a business suit, consider placing a stunning pin on the lapel slightly above the bust line or a flattering scarf tied around the neck. Play with accessories to draw attention to the general area of the bust without focusing specifically on the cleavage or breasts themselves. Accessories are a fun way to play up your style and make a bold statement.

Don’t forget the most important accessory of all — sunscreen

Of course, we can’t let you go without stressing the importance of a good foundation of sunscreen. Protect your skin from head to toe with sunscreen, but pay special attention to the chest and neck — as these areas have thinner skin. It would be a shame to undergo breast augmentation and enjoy your new body only to have your skin show signs of premature aging. An investment in your skin is an investment in your body and your health. Ideally, select a broad spectrum sunscreen with at least an SPF of 30 to protect your skin. If you aren’t sure which sunscreen is best for your needs, ask one of the skin care professionals in the medical spa at Kansas City Surgical Arts.

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