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If You’re Sick of Loose Skin, You May Benefit from a Body Lift

November 10, 2018, 12:24 am

Have you recently lost a large amount of weight? Achieving this goal can make a person feel happier and healthier. Unfortunately, a consequence of dramatic weight loss that often goes undiscussed is excess drooping skin all over the body.

When the body gains a new shape and a reduced size, the skin often has trouble shrinking and adjusting to the body’s new curves and proportions. As a result, the skin hangs and sags, creating an embarrassing look. Excess fat can also still exist in stubborn pockets.

Loose skin and pockets of excess fat can ruin your self-image and make you lose confidence. A great way to avoid this problem is to undergo a surgical procedure that can restore the tightness of your skin. The body lift is the ideal treatment for correction of these issues.

Restoring Skin Tightness and Sculpting Body Contours

Along with exercise and surgery, natural experiences like pregnancy and menopause can change the size and shape of our body, reducing the quality and health of our skin. A body lift is designed to remove excess skin and give you the taut and in-shape look you’ve always wanted.

The body lift is a body-contouring procedure, meaning the muscles and healthy fat in your body are also shaped to give you a beautiful form. When combined, the removal of loose skin and the contouring of the muscles can be incredibly effective and comprehensive.

What to Expect

The procedure for the body lift varies depending on a variety of factors, such as the areas requiring treatment, the extensiveness of the procedure, and the patient’s needs and goals.

The session starts with a consultation with Dr. Hlavacek. He will evaluate your body and your skin and identify the areas that need treatment. He will then create a surgical plan that outlines the changes he will be making to your body.

Essentially, the body lift can help improve the appearance of these following areas:
• Breasts
• Buttocks
• Abdomen
• Arms
• Thighs
• Hips
• Waist
• Back

Since this is a surgical procedure, you will be placed under anesthesia and the doctor will begin by creating incisions in key regions. Next, he will lift the areas of the body that have started to sag due to sudden changes in weight. Excess skin will be removed, and Dr. Hlavacek will sculpt your body to give it a more aesthetic shape. Liposuction may be used to remove unwanted stubborn fat.

Finally, the doctor will redrape the skin and then stitch the incisions closed using medical-grade sutures, completing the procedure.

A Lifetime of Beauty

The best thing about the body lift procedure? The results are permanent. If you make sure to maintain a consistent exercise routine and a proper diet, you will be able to enjoy your new figure for years to come. Age-related muscle and skin laxity and hormone-related weight gain can still occur, but overall, you will be left with taut, strong, and healthy skin with a beautiful body.

Customize Your Body Lift During a Consultation

Dr. Matt Hlavacek is a skilled surgeon with extensive experience in the field and can give your body the lift it deserves. To learn more and customize your body-lift procedure, contact our office and set up an informative consultation.