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Latisse: An Effective Solution for Lash Loss

October 5, 2018, 9:42 pm

Some women are lucky enough to flaunt naturally long eyelashes. Unfortunately, even for these women, eyelashes start to thin out with age and become brittle and pale.

There is always the option of fake lashes and accentuating mascara. Although fake eyelashes are a boon, the task of gluing them in is tedious and there are chances of the glue obstructing vision, especially when you are not accustomed to wearing them.

For women who seek a better alternative and wish to do away with the morning routine of fixing a pair of fake lashes, there is Latisse. Latisse offers thick and full eyelashes without any hassle.

Latisse: Eyelash Rejuvenation in a Bottle

The miraculous lash rejuvenator Latisse is an FDA-approved ophthalmic solution made for men and women who wish to restore the look and health of their eyelashes.

Many great inventions happen by chance, and Latisse is no exception. Back in 2001, the pharmaceutical company Allergan developed a medicated eye drop to reduce intraocular pressure. Patients who used the eye drops noticed an unexpected elongation and thickening of the eyelashes as a welcome side effect.

The discovery drove Allergan to research the benefits of bimatoprost (the active ingredient in the eye drops) on eyelash elongation. Latisse received FDA approval after passing the clinical trials and showing positive results in 2008.

A common observation in the small independent clinical trials held to determine the effectiveness of Latisse was a gradual and noticeable elongation of the eyelashes after four weeks of application.

Using Latisse to Combat Thinning Lashes

Using Latisse is simple. First, remove any eye makeup and thoroughly clean your eyelids. Patients who wear contact lenses must remove them before Latisse use.

Using a single-use applicator brush, apply Latisse onto the upper eyelid at the lash line. Do not use Latisse on the lower eyelid; this helps avoid unwanted hair growth. Natural blinking applies the solution evenly to let it affect the lower-lid lashes.

Care must be taken not to apply the drops into the eye directly. Excess solution should be blotted out with a clean paper towel. Since the solution is meant for ocular application, the mouth of the bottle must be kept sterile to avoid any cross-contamination.

For best results, Latisse must be applied once a day for a period of 16 weeks. Typically, initial results of treatment can be seen at around four weeks. Results continue to grow for the next four weeks, giving patients lashes that are thicker, longer, and darker. After the 16 weeks are through, full results are evident.

Continuing use of Latisse after this time will preserve your results, but it will be necessary to discuss this with your physician first. In some cases, people are able to adopt a reduced treatment schedule after the first 16 weeks.

Latisse May Be Right for You

To find out if Latisse treatment is right for you, consult with Dr. Matt Hlavacek, an experienced surgeon. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Hlavacek – get in contact with our office today.