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Planning your breast augmentation around a major life event

April 29, 2014, 7:07 am

planning a breast augmentationEvery woman deserves to look and feel her best, and we feel that need most acutely when we have a big event coming up — whether it be a wedding, major vacation, or some other major life event. If you’ve been considering breast augmentation and hope to be done with surgery recovery before your event, it helps to plan well in advance. Here are tips to help you schedule your surgery and still have plenty of time to look and feel great before your event.

The amount of time you will need between breast augmentation and your event will vary depending on your specific augmentation needs, your medical history, and on how well your body responds to surgery. At a minimum, you should plan on three months between your surgery and your event. You will need to also add another month or two for your consultation and any pre-operative appointments. The sooner you schedule your consultation, the sooner you will be able to get started on your path to surgery, recovery, and looking your best for the big event.

We encourage you to build in at least a three-month window between surgery and your event for a number of reasons. By three months after surgery, most patients are past the main part of recovery, have been released back to their normal exercise routine and are able to go back to wearing a regular underwire bra. That means you will not only be recovered but you will be able to return to healthy habits and a gorgeous wardrobe with plenty of time to get in shape and look your best head to toe. If your big event is your own wedding, try to factor in an additional month or two for dress shopping and fitting, because no bride wants to feel rushed to find the perfect look for her wedding day. Keep in mind, however, that your natural breast tissue and implants will continue to heal and adjust to their ideal, final shape, size, and profile even if you feel like your recovery is finished. Give yourself the gift of time.

To ensure you have healed well after your surgery, be sure to follow Dr. Hlavacek’s instructions in preparing for your surgery and in recovery as closely as possible. Once you have been given permission to wear a regular bra, you will be ready to start having fun with wardrobe-shopping and with planning your overall look for the event. Be sure to take the time to have a professional bra fitting and seek bras that are designed for augmented breasts. By selecting a pretty, well-fitting, and supportive bra, you will have set the foundation for the dress or top you plan on wearing to your reunion, anniversary, or wedding.

If you are considering breast augmentation around a major life event, call Kansas City Surgical Arts today at (816) 286-4126 to schedule your consultation. During your consultation, Dr. Hlavacek will give you individualized advice regarding your surgery and timeline to best meet your needs. We can’t wait to help you get ready for the big day!