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Repairing dental flaws and mouth trauma

July 8, 2014, 2:44 am

repairing-mouth-traumaYour mouth is a central feature of your face and your smile tells the world quite a bit about you. When you are able to smile openly and have a fully-functioning mouth, you are likely to feel and appear more confident, happier, and ready to meet and interact with others. The wonderful effects of a great smile and intact mouth spill over into other areas of your life, affecting personal relationships, interactions at work, and meeting new people for the first time. Unfortunately, suffering from severe dental decay, mouth trauma, or oral dysfunction may prevent some from enjoying the benefits of a great smile and happy mouth. Thankfully, there are a number of treatment options available to repair dental and mouth trauma. For some this may be a dental implant, while for others it may mean full oral reconstruction.

Who can benefit from dental treatments and oral reconstruction?

Oral reconstruction and cosmetic dentistry are ideal for patients who have a number of dental and mouth flaws. Both minor and major mouth problems may benefit from improvement. Patients most likely to benefit from oral reconstruction and related procedures include those who are otherwise healthy and have clear goals and realistic expectations for their procedure.

During your consultation with Dr. Hlavacek at Kansas City Surgical Arts, your goals and expectations will be discussed in depth, and Dr. Hlavacek will make recommendations based on your particular needs and desires and his assessment of your mouth, teeth, and the related structures.

Some common problems that may be treated include:

  • Missing, worn, or chipped teeth
  • Misaligned teeth and bite discrepancies
  • Gum defects and deficiencies
  • Inadequate bone structure and congenital jaw defects

Some patients also find that chronic jaw pain, clicking or popping during speaking or eating are much improved after corrective oral surgery or reconstruction. Other patients find that correcting mouth and dental function also improves back and neck pain, and for some, reduces headache frequency as well.

What are the benefits of cosmetic dental surgery and oral reconstruction?

Oral reconstruction, whether correcting major or minor flaws and damage, has a number of benefits. For those embarrassed by damaged teeth or who suffer from pain or poor bite alignment, smiling or even speaking may be embarrassing and difficult. Some patients have difficulty caring for their teeth and mouth due to physical pain, difficulty manipulating floss or a toothbrush around damage teeth, or emotional distress at having to face their own mouth.

After the mouth and teeth have been restored to their full function, painful damage has been repaired, and other flaws corrected, patients are often more compliant with caring for their mouth. Not only is it easier to face yourself when your mouth looks fantastic, but there is greater motivation to keep it looking amazing. By extension, keeping the mouth clean also has benefits for the rest of the body. The mouth can act as a gateway for germs to enter the body, and a healthy mouth prevents infections from starting or spreading.

A healthy, happy mouth frequently translates to healthier and happier interactions with others. When your mouth looks and feels good, you are more likely to smile. Others may view you as more confident, intelligent, and friendly. Those with attractive smiles are typically considered more approachable in general. At work, a great smile and fantastic teeth also have a positive impact. When you look and feel confident, you are likely to perform better at work or during interviews when seeking a job.

What are the benefits of having a surgeon who is both an oral-maxillofacial surgeon and a cosmetic surgeon?

While you have many options between choosing a cosmetic surgeon, cosmetic dentist, or oral surgeon, there are few physicians cross-trained to view you as a whole person and with the goal of integrating your specific goals with your overall being. Dr. Hlavacek is in the unique position of being board certified both by the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (AACS) and the American Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (AAOMS). What does this mean for you? As a patient, this means that Dr. Hlavacek is trained to see how a single procedure may fit into your overall needs and complete look. Instead of simply fixing a broken tooth or improving inadequate jaw structure, Dr. Hlavacek is trained to make these repairs and perform oral reconstructions in a way that offers both structural benefit as well as cosmetically pleasing results.

Oral repairs may result in changes to some of the facial structures, and by being dual-trained in cosmetic surgery and oral-maxillofacial surgery, Dr. Hlavacek takes these changes into consideration when planning procedures. The result is well-proportioned features and results that don’t simply fix a problem but provide improved aesthetic appearance. The results are balance, restoration, and attractive.

Whether you simply wish to bite into a juicy, crisp apple again or hope to smile without shielding chipped teeth with your hand, call Kansas City Surgical Arts today at (816) 286-4126 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Hlavacek. We look forward to helping you achieve restored function and a great smile.