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Rhinoplasty Surgery Offers a Solution to Aesthetic Nasal Issues

May 12, 2017, 8:05 pm

Among the many popular cosmetic surgeries performed on the face, rhinoplasty is one of the most prominent and visible options. A simple nose-reshaping surgery can change your appearance instantly a great deal. It can also be much more subtle, if this is the patient’s preference.

There was a time when only celebrities and film stars were getting rhinoplasty. Now, however, the number of people who get rhinoplasty done every year is steadily increasing.

Aesthetic Factors That Can Be Corrected by Rhinoplasty

• Any types of bumps or deformities on the nose or the bridge
• Size or symmetry issues
• Irregular shape of the nasal tip
• Irregular size of the nostrils

Depending on the aesthetic issues that the surgery is being used to correct, the type and position of incisions will vary. This will also alter the duration of the surgery and the details of the recovery process.

What Is Done in Rhinoplasty?

The surgery might take one or two hours for completion. Here are the basic steps involved in rhinoplasty:

1. Either local anesthesia with IV sedation or general anesthesia is administered.
2. Incisions are created on the inside or outside of the nose, depending on whether a closed or open surgery is performed.
3. Nasal correction is then performed. The exact techniques used vary depending on the purpose for which your rhinoplasty is being conducted. There could be medical or cosmetic reasons behind the surgery.
4. The incisions are stitched closed.

Post-Surgical Recovery

The effectiveness of the surgery, to a large extent, depends on the quality of the patient’s post-surgical care. Patients must make sure to listen to the directions of their surgeon and then follow them as closely as possible. This can also lower the risk of post-surgical complications and can make the healing process shorter.

After the rhinoplasty surgery is complete, the incisions are carefully dressed. You are left with a cast or dressing that should be retained for around five to seven days. The recovery time of the surgery varies based on factors like the purpose of the surgery, the size of the incision, and the amount of alteration performed.

The recovery process after rhinoplasty might be slightly uncomfortable, but it will not be very painful. There might be small bruises left, and medications might be prescribed to control any pain.

Like any other surgery, you will be asked to keep a check on certain medicines after the surgery as well as few days before the surgery. NSAIDs should be avoided in order to avoid bleeding issues.

Pay a Visit to Dr. Hlavacek

Rhinoplasty is a complex procedure, and that is why it is essential that you have it performed by a qualified and experienced surgeon. Choose someone who has a great track record of having completed many successful rhinoplasties.

Dr. Matt Hlavacek, a skilled surgeon in the Kansas City area, has a great deal of experience with rhinoplasty and numerous other aesthetic procedures. If you would like to arrange a rhinoplasty consultation with Dr. Hlavacek, contact our office today to get started.