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Wishing You Had a Tighter Tummy?

October 4, 2017, 2:14 pm

Patients who have an abdominal area that does not respond to dieting and exercise routines may find an effective and long-lasting solution in abdominoplasty surgery. Abdominoplasty helps lift sagging skin and eliminate love handles near the abdomen, where it can sometimes be impossible to lose weight.

The procedure is done to give your abdomen a flatter and tighter look by getting rid of all the fat and skin deposition in that area. If you are looking to sculpt your tummy, abdominoplasty might just be the perfect option for you.

What Is the Method of Anesthesia?

The patient is usually given general anesthesia before their abdominoplasty procedure, which allows them to be unconscious and unable to feel pain or discomfort during the full length of the procedure. The patient can discuss this in greater detail during their tummy tuck consultation.

What Is the Expected Length of the Procedure?

The tummy tuck procedure usually takes about three to six hours to complete. The exact amount of time will depend on the severity and complexity of the procedure. The more tissue that needs to be removed and/or tightened, the longer the surgery make take.

What Happens During the Procedure?

After the anesthesia is administered, the surgeon makes a careful incision in the abdominal region. This curving horizontal incision goes from one hip to the other. Another incision is made around the belly button. Once these have been created, the surgeon has access to the underlying excess tissues.

The drooping and weakened abdominal muscles are rejoined and tightened with the help of internal surgical sutures. This creates a stronger abdominal wall. Excess stubborn fatty tissue is removed, leading to a fitter-looking tummy. Additionally, loose sagging skin is removed, and the remaining skin is tightened. This has the welcome side-effect of correcting stretch marks on the abdomen.

To complete the tummy tuck procedure, the incisions are closed using stitches.

What Is the Recuperation Process Like After Surgery?

It will take around two months to full heal from the abdominoplasty procedure. You must refrain from strenuous exercise and other intense physical activity for up to four weeks from the date of your surgery, as this will help to avoid complications in the healing process.

Taking time off from work is important, typically around a month. You can resume your everyday activities with two weeks from the surgery date.

The most common side-effects after surgery include mild swelling and bruising, a degree of discomfort from the sutures, a numb feeling in the area, tingling, and spasm of the abdominal areas. In order to aid in reduction of the swelling and bruising, a post-surgical elastic garment must be worn for a time.

Plastic tubes called drains lasting five to ten days are placed in the region. These drains will aid in carrying excess blood and other fluids out of the surgical treatment area in order to prevent buildup and complications.

Scheduling Your Consultation

Discuss your expected results with your surgeon prior to going into the surgery. It is important that you entrust the procedure to a surgeon with experience, someone who has great testimonials from patients.

When you choose experienced and well-respected surgeon Dr. Matt Hlavacek, you’ll be in good hands. Contact our office and schedule your abdominoplasty consultation today.