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A youthful, fresh look with a brow lift

January 23, 2014, 8:52 am

The natural process of growing older often means sagging skin, loss of elasticity, and reduced collagen. These signs of aging are often most visible in the face, especially in the eye area. Stress and genetics can also be a factor in visible signs of aging, particularly for those under the age of 40. That is where a brow lift comes in. A brow lift at Kansas City Surgical Arts will help you to look youthful, fresh, and energized.

A brow lift is ideal for treating:

  • Creases between the eyebrows
  • Deep grooves and lines in the forehead
  • Heavy or drooping eyebrows
  • A negative, tired, or sad expression that has become permanent


During your consultation with Dr. Hlavacek, you will have the opportunity to discuss your brow lift goals as well as any concerns you may have. Dr. Hlavacek will assess your forehead and eyebrows and possibly other aspects of your face to determine the best approach for your brow lift. He will also go over your health history, medications, and possible risk factors. During your consultation, Dr. Hlavacek will describe the procedure, based on your goals, as well as recovery and risks. To be a candidate, you should be in good health, a non-smoker, and understand what a brow lift can and can’t do for you. If you are on any blood thinning medications, be sure to bring these to Dr. Hlavacek’s attention during your consultation.


Typically, brow lift surgery takes 1-2 hours with sedation or anesthesia. Depending on your needs and goals, you may have either a single incision or a series of smaller incisions along or just behind the hairline at the top of the head. Dr. Hlavacek will discuss the pros and cons of each approach during your consultation. With both methods, the tissue below the skin is reshaped and adjusted. Then, the skin is tightly redraped over the forehead to smooth deep wrinkles. Depending on your needs, you may have internal sutures. Your incision will be closed with fine sutures to minimize scarring.


The recovery period for a brow lift is typically several weeks long, and incision lines may take 12-18 months to fade. Immediately after surgery, you will have bandages over the incisions. Dr. Hlavacek will discuss your recovery plan prior to surgery, but in general, expect to keep your head elevated with cold compresses to reduce swelling. Bandages are usually removed in one to three days, with stitches removed after a week. Normal activity is usually resumed after one to two weeks, but strenuous activity should be held off for three to six weeks.


As with any surgery, there are risks. With a brow lift, these risks include infection, bleeding, asymmetry, skin irregularities, scarring, and changes in sensitivity. If you notice any of these symptoms or develop a fever after surgery, notify Dr. Hlavacek and Kansas City Surgical Arts immediately.

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